Build successful work teams and create a productive work environment

Key Objectives:
  • Inspire and empower employees to work smarter, faster and better
  • Build successful work teams and create a productive work environment
  • Encourage employees to work with integrity and commitment to superior quality

Key Objectives:

  • The ability to click and connect that lead to strong and lasting business relationship
  • The creativity to constantly provide additional value for customers
  • The commitment to build customer engagement through exceptional service

1.Theocentric Motivation using Success Triangle Principles

Proven principles to increase productivity and achieve better results in work and life.

2. Sales Warrior using RAVE Sales Principles

How to sell more through trusted relationship and professionally competing on VALUE, not Price!

3. Creative Selling & Closing Techniques

Secrets to selling when no one is buying.

4. Selling MORE in Digital Era

How to increase sales, productivity, and customer experience with the latest technology.

5. Key Account Management

Tools and techniques to penetrate, expand and protect key accounts.

6. Exceptional Customer Service in a Hyper Competitive Market

Understand consumer psychology to build ultimate satisfaction and sustainable loyalty.

7. Advanced Professional Presentation Skills

Three steps to WIN the heart of your audience.

8. Coaching For Performance & Situational Leadership

How supervisors and managers become great leaders and excellent coaches.

9. Managerial Development Program

Mastering the five roles of effective manager to strengthen the present and build the future.

10. Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Systematic and comprehensive methodology for problem-solving and decision-making.

11. Strategic Formulation and Implementation

Improving organizational performance using PDCA and Balanced Scorecard.

12. Building A Culture of Execution

Turning strategy into action and results.

13. Building A High Performing Team

Improving team productivity, efficiency and commitment to quality.

14. Theocentric Leadership

The 5 pivotal principles to transformational leadership.

15. I’m A Leader

Drive change and improve performance.